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Associate of Science Degree

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Terre Haute, Indiana


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The Associate of Science (AS) Degree is a direct block transfer of credits into the Electronics and Computer Technology Program at Indiana State University at Terre Haute, Indiana.  This degree offers you the opportunity to complete your first two years of course work at Ivy Tech Community College, then transfer into Indiana State University with junior status, in order to continue your education towards a Bachelor of Science Degree. The Associate of Science Degree provides the skills needed for entry into a wide range of positions in electronics.  You will acquire a broad-based understanding of electronics and problem-solving techniques, which will be beneficial in all applications of electronics.  To take advantage of the full block transfer - the final grade in each course of this degree must be a "B-" or better.

If you have ever thought about - or even considered the possibility of a 4-year college degree in your future - then start working towards your educational goals at Ivy Tech Community College - in the exciting and constantly changing field of Electronics!  

For additional information regarding the transfer to Indiana State University, click on DegreeLink.   

  First Semester Credits
IVYT1XX First Year Seminar 1
EECT101 Introduction to Electronics 3
EECT111 Introduction to Circuit Analysis 4
EECT112 Digital Fundamentals 3
MATH137 Trigonometry w/Analytic Geometry 3

  Second Semester Credits
EECT121 Electronics Circuit Analysis 4
ECET122 Digital Applications 4
ENGL111 English Composition 3
MATH136 College Algebra 3
ELECTIVE Humanities/Social Sciences 3

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  Third Semester Credits
DESN102 Technical Graphics 3
EECT128 Introduction to C Programming 3
EECT211 AC Electronics Circuit Analysis 4
MINT104 Fluid Power Basics 3
PHYS101 Physics I 4

  Fourth Semester Credits
COMM101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
EECT221 Solid State 3
EECT222 Intro to Microcontrollers 4
ELECTIVE Humanities/Social Sciences 3
ENG211 Technical Writing 3

Humanities/Social Science Electives:

**NOTE: Check with your advisor for an updated list of electives.

ARTH101  History of Art Survey I

ARTH102  History of Art Survey II

ECON101  Economics 101

ECON201  Economics 201

ECON202  Economics 202

HIST101  History 101

HIST102  History 102

HIST235  World Civilization I

HIST236  World Civilization II

PHIL101  Introduction to Philosophy 101

PHIL102  Introduction to Ethics102

POLS101  Introduction to American Government & Politics 101

PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology 101

PSYC201  Lifespan Development 201

SPAN101  Elementary Spanish I

SPAN102  Elementary Spanish II


For further information about the Electronics Degrees & Specialties - contact:

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Malcolm D. Harmless at 812-298-2336 or

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