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Employers of Graduated Students

AAA Electric of Terre Haute, Inc.

Alcan Aluminum Corporation

American Micro, Inc.

Bemis Company, Inc.

Cable TV Services

Cinergy/PSI Energy

Columbia House

Computer Repair Services & Consultants

Computer Software Design Consultants

Crown Electric, Inc.

DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation)

Eli Lilly, Inc.

Glas-Co Apparatus Company

Great Dane Trailers

Heath/Hershey Candy, Inc.

IBM Corporation

Ikon Office Solutions

Illinois Power Company

Indiana Air National Guard

Indiana American Water Company

Indiana State University (Technicians)

Ivy Tech State College (Technicians)

Kirby Risk Electrical Supply



Pfizer, Inc.

PTS Electronic Corporation

Sony Disc Manufacturing

Television Broadcast Stations (Techs & Operators)

Tredegar Industries, Inc. (Film Products Division)

TRW, Inc.

Union Hospital (Computer Networks)

Wabash River Coal Gasification Repowering Project (Global Energy, Inc.)

Wegener Communications (Satellite communications, network link systems – Atlanta, Ga.)

Xerox Solutions



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