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Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Terre Haute, Indiana

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The Electronic Technology program is designed to meet the on-going needs of business, industry and the student.  The program is structured to develop the technical skills, general knowledge, and the critical thinking and problem solving abilities of our graduates.  Broad-based technical skills and critical thinking processes assist the student in adapting to the changes in today's working environment and enhances personal advancement in occupational fields.  



NOTE: Effective FALL 2008, all course prefixes will change to a four-letter format because of the new statewide computer system.  The Electronic courses and semester sequence will change slightly.  If you started in the Fall 2007, you will continue with that specific sequence.  For those who started when the prefix was ELT - contact your advisor for course crossover (prefix changes).  The new Electronic prefixes for all courses will be EECT.  The modified course names took effect in the Fall 2007 more closely match the curriculum of Purdue University to facilitate articulation.  Transferability with Indiana State University is the Associate of Science Degree.     


With a solid foundation in Electronic Technology, you will be prepared to enter this exciting technology field.  Match your interest and desires to one or more of our specialized programs.  Learn to troubleshoot, repair, install and maintain various types of electronic equipment.  You can participate in programming, designing,  and modifying sophisticated electrical processes and systems.  With the Electronic based knowledge you acquire at Ivy Tech Community College, multiple opportunities await you in this challenging field.   



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The Electronic & Computer Technology Department at Ivy Tech Community College offers two distinct degrees: (1) the Associate of Science Degree; and (2) the Associate of Applied Science Degree.  The Associate of Science Degree (AS) is a direct transferable degree into Indiana State University's Electronics and Computer Technology Program.  The Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) focuses on specialized technical areas. 

For information about the degrees and specialties - click on the link of interest in the left column.  Use your browser buttons and the links at the left to move within this site.


To learn more about Electronics - check out the following links: (1) Preparation for Electronic Careers; (2) CISCO; (3) Certifications; (4) Fields in Electronics; and (5) Types of Technicians.  


For further information about the Electronics Degrees & Specialties - contact:

Jeff Moore at 812- 298-2335 or

by E-mail at

Malcolm D. Harmless at 812-298-2336 or

by E-mail at



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