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Types of Technicians


To define and group electronic technicians into specific job titles is very difficult because of the amount of crossover between the various fields within this constantly changing field.


Field Service Technicians

Service technicians work for an equipment manufacturer or dealer and provide service and repair at the equipment user's location.  Types of equipment range from automatic bank teller machines, environmental control systems, large computers, and copying machines to radar systems.  


Engineering Assistant

Engineers perform tasks in the areas of system development and modification.  The engineering assistant takes the engineer’s drawings and then procures the parts, builds and tests the circuit, and reports the results.  The assistant is usually involved in the project from its inception through the early stages of the manufacturing process.  Engineering assistants follow stringent guidelines – and must be able to communicate their findings either in writing or orally. 



The technician is involved in bread-boarding, prototyping, and testing of new or modified electronic systems in research and development laboratories.  Technicians troubleshoot prototype circuits and repair faulty equipment.  They usually follow a predetermined protocol or instruction in checking, verifying, and fixing circuits and equipment.  Technicians are the hands-on part of the design and manufacturing team. 


Typical Technician Job Titles include:

  • Bench technician                                                   

  • Calibration/lab technician                                

  • Computer technician

  • Computer repair technician                                

  • Customer service representative                           

  • Electronics technician

  • Field technician

  • Field service technician

  • Industrial Electronics technician             

  • Instrumentation Calibration technician             

  • Instrumentation technician                                

  • Manufacturing specialist

  • Network specialist

  • Programmable Controller technician             

  • Research & Development technician

  • Service technician

  • Test technician


Technical Sales Representative

Technical sales require the technician to possess not only the required technical knowledge, but also the ability to communicate with prospective customers.  Not only is a course in communications necessary, but also a course in salesmanship is beneficial. 


Technical Writer

A technical writer must assemble the technical data of a system or project, and then write manuals covering its theory, operation, and servicing.  The technical writer must possess the ability to develop and clearly communicate all material needed by users and service technicians.



Technologists work with scientists and engineers involved in research and development.  As new circuit devices and concepts are developed, they must be tested, modified as needed, then refined before they can be incorporated into electronic systems.  Technologists require skills in written and oral communications.  Responsibilities can include management, training, decision-making, and documentation.  Technologists are more concerned with applications – the how as opposed to the why. 


Typical Technologist Job Titles include:

  • Applications engineering technologist          

  • Biomedical engineering technologist          

  • Customer service engineering technologist

  • Documentation engineering technologist

  • Electronics technologist

  • Engineering assistant

  • Product engineering technologist

  • Quality-control engineering technologist

  • Research & Development technologist

  • Sales engineering technologist

  • Service engineering technologist

  • Software engineering technologist

  • Systems test engineering technologist


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