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Associate of Applied Science Degree

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Terre Haute, Indiana


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All specialties in the Electronic Technology area begin with a common core of classes, which emphasizes the fundamental relationships used in all electronics.  These classes create the critical foundation upon which specialty courses are built. 

In addition to the core classes, the Instrumentation specialty incorporates a course on programmable logic controllers, which are widely used in today's industrial environments.  There is a course concentrating on the various types of process control modes and open/close-loop characteristics as they apply to various manufacturing applications and processes.  In addition, a class concentrating on the basics of instrument calibration is needed to understand the elements involved in dismantling, calibrating, and working with basic control instruments.  Distribution software applications are also introduced.  Plus the industrial instrumentation course pulls together many applications and devices that were previously introduced in other classes and emphasizes their usage in today's industrial control processes and applications.   

  First Semester Credits
IVYT1XX First Year Seminar 1
EECT101 Introduction to Electronics & Projects 3
EECT111 Introduction to Circuit Analysis 4
EECT112 Digital Fundamentals 3
MATH137 Trigonometry w/Analytic Geometry 3

  Second Semester Credits
EECT121 Electronics Circuit Analysis 4
EECT122 Digital Applications 4
ELECTIVE Humanities/Social Sciences 3
ENGL111 English Composition 3
MATH136 College Algebra 3


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  Third Semester Credits
EECT128 Introduction to C Programming 3
EECT211 AC Electronics Circuit Analysis 4
EECT237 Calibration 3
MINT205 Programmable Controllers 3
PHYS101 Physics I 4

  Fourth Semester Credits
COMM101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
EECT214 Industrial Instrumentation 3
EECT226 Computer Troubleshooting 3
EECT235 Process Control 3
EECT279 Advanced Problem Solving 3

For further information about the Electronics Degrees & Specialties - contact:

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Malcolm D. Harmless at 812-298-2336 or

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